The Quiet Amongst The Storm

When you hit the shutter button at the exact right moment. ✊#onlyhadmyphone #galaxys6

Last night I sat and watched a storm pass through in the distance. It was a warm and humid night, with people flocking to the ocean for relief from the heat.

As I sat on the rocks, looking out to the flashes of light, a smile ran across my face. It was only subtle, but it brought back memories of watching storms as a kid.

As my eyes became wider and the smile grew stronger, I felt a sense of calm, a sense of belonging, a sense of peace.

It really just takes a moment of sitting and taking in what is happening around us. A moment to step away from the racing mind to see all of the beauty. A moment to realise that we are safe, that problems only exist in the mind, that we are creators of our own reality.

Everything that's present in our lives right now originates from within. How are you seeing the world? What meaning are you creating from your circumstances? Are you deciding to see lack or abundance? Are you deciding to feel awe or fear?