Making The Move!

On a day like today, it's pretty difficult not to be grateful. After 2 years of wanting to call myself a local to Bondi, procrastinating and making excuses, I'm finally here and living one street from what makes me feel most at home - the big blue.

My latest life lesson that I've been trying to live by is following your joy, following what excites you, what lights you up from the inside out. Little did I know the impact that this can have, but lately, I'm starting to find out.

Even though I've been driving down to the beach most nights for a run or a walk, living here feels completely different. There is such a diverse mix of cultures and personalities, with such a suburban, community and friendly feel.

The sounds of the ocean at night, the smell of salt in the air and most importantly, the complete acceptance of walking the streets barefoot. These may seem like small things, but these are the things that light me up.

I'm still working on following my joy in every moment, but for now I'm going to soak up this one little decision. As Bentinho Massaro says, if we all just decided to do what we love and drop what we don't, we wouldn't have half the problems we create for ourselves.

Much love,