Hitting Reset In The Mountains

Hiking my way into the new year! ⛰️

There is something so incredibly different about being out in the mountains. Without exaggeration, every single person I walked past on a trail said hello and smiled. A family even invited me to sit and eat lunch with them at an epic viewpoint we both found.

Even within myself, I always feel a shift as soon as I start walking. I feel calmer, more at peace, more in touch with life, more energised, more alive!

I like to ask questions about these things and my question is why? Why does it feel so much better to be surrounded by nature? Why do we become friendlier? Why do we feel more alive? Why don't we feel like this in our every day lives?

One thing I do know... this was a pretty great way to start off the new year; hitting the reset button and connecting with nature, life and myself.