Feeling Lost and Hopeless

As my feet sink in the sand, I contemplate you life, I try to understand you, why you cut me like a knife. I've been here many times before, I'm sure you know me well, but yet again, here I am, just standing in the swell.

As your moon begins to rise, bringing light to my shallow fight, your wind it chills my bones, but here I stand into the night. I stand where I feel most alive, most connected to you life, for a moment you shiver through me, and I know that I'm alright.

Oh life you entertain me, with your humour and your glee, one moment you're right beside me, then the next you go and flee. Like the waves upon your ocean, you are graceful on the surface, yet underneath you have a secret, you are hiding such a circus.

But I surrender to you life, let your currents take me home, as I float atop your ocean, the path I will be shown. I may not know the answers, I may not know your game, but play I will with trust in you, this game shall light my flame.

Sometimes we just don't have the answers that we seek, but we can always have acceptance for what is, trust the process without judgement and know that we are ok right where we are.

Has anyone had similar feels? Would love to hear your stories. And feel free to share this post with someone that might need to hear this.