Living on Repeat

Most of us are living in the past. We do the same things we did yesterday, think the same thoughts we did yesterday, and feel the same emotions we did yesterday. We worry about the same things, stress about the same things and focus on the same things. We are living on repeat.

Someone may have done something to you many years ago, a relationship may have ended, you lost your job, you had a fight with someone, but that moment has made its way to the present day. It's like we have a sack that we drag behind us and store all the bad things that have happened to us, so that we can take them out each day and make sure we remember to dwell on each one of them.

What if you cut the cord? What if you learnt to forgive and forget and realise that today is a NEW day? Imagine the weight that would be lifted! Not by saying those things that happened were right, that those people were right in hurting you, but by saying that I'm choosing to not let them affect my happiness today.

The more we do this, the more we live for today, rather than yesterday. We start to create new and exciting adventures. New and exciting emotions. A new and exciting life.

Let go. Be free of your past and watch all of those voids in your heart begin to disappear, as you lose focus of your past and start to focus on what is most important....The actions, thoughts and feelings that you are choosing to feel TODAY.


Much love,