Lead by Example

Lately I've been on top of the world, loving life, grateful for everything I have, ticking off some bucket list items and just doing things that I love doing. It's funny though, I've noticed a positive shift in some of the people around me.

When you walk around with a smile on your face, thinking positive, speaking positive, doing the things that you love, encouraging others and succeeding in life, the people around you see this and begin to follow.


Have you ever noticed that successful people tend to hang out with other successful people? Famous people tend to hang out with other famous people? And negative people tend to hang out with other negative people? This is no coincidence. A lot of the time, the successful people all knew each other before they became successful. They pushed each other into their success. And similarly, the negative people push each other further and further into failure, mediocrity and lack of self worth.

It can be so easy to throw blame onto the negative people of this world though. Why don't they just change? Why can't they stop putting me down? Why can't they stop doing bad things?

The thing is, the strongest people of this world are usually the ones that appear weak on the outside, the ones that get bullied and picked on. It is the bullies, the ones that appear strong on the outside who are really just hurting on the inside. They are wearing a mask, a facade created to hide their true inner weakness. It is the bullies, the ones who put others down, the ones who judge, the ones who do bad things that really need the help. However, they are not 'bad' people.


I have a little saying, "we are all born kicking and screaming". After being in the womb for nine months, we are birthed into an unknown, foreign world, where all we know is to kick and scream. No one is born a bad person. No one enters this world a murderer, a drug dealer, a thief or a bully. We are who we are today because of the environments we have been subjected to, because of the situations and people around us that we have been influenced by.

The 'bad' people of this world have just gone through 'bad' situations. Their weakness is not necessarily their fault. So isn't it our responsibility to lead from the front? To lead by example?

Next time you are subjected to a negative situation, where someone puts you down, or someone attempts to cause you pain, realise that they are the ones hurting on the inside. The situations they have been through have most likely been worse than what you have gone through.

Does this make it right? No, of course not, but instead of throwing blame and just adding fuel to the negative fire, think about leading by example. Put a smile on your face everywhere you go. Be confident with who you are. Speak positivity. Maybe even throw some encouragement toward the 'bad' ones. Show them that you feel their pain. Then one day, when they see you succeeding, when they see your happiness, when they see your love for life, they will soon begin to follow.

Much love,