Hi I’m Dan and here’s a little story about me.

I grew up extremely shy. I didn't like being around people, didn't think I was good at anything and didn't like a single thing about myself. I went through my schooling years feeling like I didn't fit in, that I didn't belong anywhere and felt like I was constantly anticipating the next put down, the next person to laugh at me, call me names or tell me I was too shy. After many years of wearing that label, being the 'shy kid' and accepting that as my fate, things started to change, that label started to dissolve, and now, well, let's just say that things are very different! 

Although it was tough at the time, looking back now, I see it as a huge positive. As I didn’t really engage in many conversations, I learnt to sit back and observe. I became really great at reading people; their body language, the tone of their voice, their facial expressions. Now, years later, these powers of observation have turned into great empathy and compassion for other people, as instead of judgement, I can choose to understand where people are coming from and even give them a helping hand if they need it.

It all started to change with music. When I first started singing, I was in the 'normal' realm of worrying about what people thought of me, thinking I'd be judged and made fun of, but as time went on and as I threw myself into uncomfortable situations, performed on stage, showed others my original songs and became mindful when other people's opinions would affect me negatively, I learnt the amazing hidden super power of surrendering to vulnerability. I allowed my true self to be seen and I was rewarded with an abundance of confidence, creativity, new friendships, new opportunities, feelings of joy, excitement, passion and fulfilment. 

Although it started with performing, it ended up growing into so much more. When I later started to teach singing, I felt I wasn't good enough to teach; I didn't feel ready, didn't feel like I knew what I was talking about. I worried what my students would think of me, worried what their parents would think, worried that I would be wasting their time and money. Looking back now, this was incredibly debilitating and not productive in the slightest. Fast forward a few years, when I had learnt to just be authentically myself while teaching, to be playful and have fun, I got to the point where I would actually do something embarrassing so that my students would also step out of their comfort zone, sacrificing my ego, daring to risk being put down or laughed at, so that my students would be able to experience what it was like to be free, to just be themselves. This was one of the most exciting, fulfilling and rewarding times of my life. I’ve never felt more alive than in those moments when I was just being ridiculously silly, having fun and being myself.

Currently, I’m at a point in my life where I’m seeking answers to big questions, trying to pass on my learnings to my clients that I coach and to those around me, enjoying every second of this amazing world that we are apart of. I spend a lot of time in nature, reflecting on life and people and working on improving my own self-awareness. I try to get out and be as adventurous as possible, exploring new places, meeting new people and diving head first into uncomfortable situations. My latest passion is connecting people and finding new ways for us to have deep and meaningful relationships with each other. I really believe that there is great power and joy in connecting with other people on a deep level. Once we learn to love and accept ourselves, we can love, accept and connect with others.

It’s pretty incredible that we are alive and here today, so I hope you join me in living life to the fullest!